about ACPM Property Management
  • ACPM Property Management is the most comprehensive residential real estate management firm in TX,GA,FL,CA and NY.
  • We offer expert management of co-ops, condos, townhomes and single family homes. We have received "The best property management" award 5 years in a row.
  • We have extensive resources at our fingertips, allowing us to treat each property according to its individual needs.
  • Our attention to detail, from staff training to curb appeal to efficient mechanical operations separates us from the rest.
  • We work with old properties and brand new properties of all sizes, and pay close attention to 'service'. Our initiative is to provide to our client "headache-free services".
  • We are dedicated to be the best property management firm.

What Makes Us Different From Others?


Service has always been our focus in the past.

We have received 100% satisfaction from our clients for all the real properties we managed. We have hired the best people to deliver the best services to our clients.For any problems which our client might face, we provide immediate solutions. We have people on standby 24/7. Our team is composed of the most experienced experts from all different areas.


Our technology is cutting edge.

Our managers are equipped with our self-developed software to keep them informed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our in-house property management system tracks everything, and clients can get instant access to property data online.


We help collect rents for our clients. Our clients might be investors and reside all over the world.

Each client only needs to provide to us his/her bank account information, and at the end of each month we will collect the rent and wire it to the client's designated account.


Investors who have purchased real properties in the U.S. for investment purposes need to file income tax.

Each year for the income derived from the rent, the investor is liable for filing a U.S. tax return. We have hired professional CPAs to do the job for our clients. Our clients need to do nothing but receive rental income fast and efficiently.


Each property we manage will receive a dedicated service manager.

For each property we will provide one dedicated service manager ensuring that all the properties are well maintained and managed. The dedicated service managers will not only look after all the repairation work but also helps collect rent, and wires the rental income each month to our clients. With dedicated service managers our clients can always find people to talk to.


Our employees are all well educated and many of them have over 10 years of experience in property management.

We know what our clients need and in turn we provide the most extensive services to them.
All clients are assigned their own dedicated service manager, which enables us to provide personalized service for them. Through our website, clients can download applications which enable them to track the status of their leased out properties in real time.